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Purchase Requisition in D365

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Below written article will provide you great insight on Purchase requisition in D365.

A Purchase Requisition is another way to create Purchase order in D365. A Purchase Requisition is used as internal document in an organization that authorizes the purchase department to buy item or services.

In An organization Purchase requisition is usually requested by Purchase Executive and approval request sent to the Purchase manager to approve it and then on Approval only Purchase Order will be created in the system.

Pre- Requisite of Purchase Requisition in D365

1. Link the User ID with User

User ID is required to login in the system only, but Worker should be attached with User Id means worker is a permanent employee of the organization and authorized to perform action on certain form depend on Role assigned

Path :- System Administration > Users >User

A worker or Employee can be created in the Human Resource Module

Path: - Human Resource>Workers>Workers

Worker Creation workflow overview in D365

2. Procurement Category

Path: - Procurement and sourcing >Procurement Category

In the organization Procurement Category hierarchies helps purchase manager to classify goods and service under several category for purchasing, reporting and analysis purpose. Its help to manage categories, products, and vendor strategically from one location. Only one procurement category is defined for whole organization.

Vendors and Product both are included in the Procurement category

Procurement categories are usually maintained in the organization to handle regular office supplies such as Desk, Laptops, stationaries etc but not necessary.

3. Workflow

Workflow also known as approval workflow in D365. An approval workflow is a logical sequence of task that include human approval to process data. In D365 Approx. all modules are having workflow module where user can configure it as per the organization requirement.

In Procurement and Sourcing module user can configure the Approval workflow for purchase Requisition in D365

Path:- Procurement & Sourcing > Setup > Procurement & sourcing workflows

User can Click on New and select the workflow type or user can select existing ID and click on it (In Internet Explorer or Edge browser or install Click once extension)

As click on New system will all available workflow

As you select it will open a workflow editor, where user need to enter its credential to modify it. Workflow will open below page, where user element and flow controls to modify it

User can Bring Approval Purchase Requisition element by dragging it on a form and then can update basic settings or double click on Approve Purchase Element and then click on assignment

Now user can double click on elements and configure it by clicking on assignment

Now here user can update basic setting, Assignment, Condition and Escalation setups for the workflow

Basic Setting

Here user can define the work Item Subject and Instruction need to follow and can use place holder also


Here user can define the assignment type

User Select

On the basis of Assignment type, User list will be shown to the user. Here User can be select single or multiple user for approval

Time Limit

Here user can define the time limit to complete the task

Completion Policy

User can select the completion of Workflow through different approval options


User can setup the condition, where organization want every time workflow to be run or to meet any specific condition to trigger the workflow


user can define the escalation if required

After completion of setup, user can click on Level Up in Menu, where it will show the workflow. Once its show zero errors in error and warning tab.

Purchase requisition Process Flow in D365

1. Create Purchase Requisition

Path: - Procurement and Sourcing > Purchase Requisition >All Purchase Requisition

Users need to click on New, where User need to provide Name for the Purchase Requisition

2. Add Details

Now click on add line and enter the items, quantity, unit price, select vendor and warehouse location and click on Save. Here status will be Draft Only

3. Submit Workflow

Once all the values are verified , user need to click on Workflow tab and click on Submit button

System will prompt for writing about purchase requisition and when user click on Okay, Batch job will run to process workflow and approval will received notification on workflow

Now status will change from Draft to In Review

4. Approve/ Reject

Now Reviewer will have the notification of Approve or Reject or Request Change, Recall etc.

User click on Approved Or Reject Tab for both condition system will provide options to write feedback

5. Visible in Release Approved Purchase Requisition

Once Purchase Requisition in approved its visible in Release Approved Purchase Requisition

Path :- Procurement and Sourcing>Purchase requisition>Approved Purchase requisition > Release Approved purchase Requisitions

Now user need to select the Purchase requisition Id and click on Purchase Order and need to click on Ok.

Once Click on Ok. System will Generate PO for the select vendor with requisition Item, Qty and Price, only user need to click on Confirm only

6. Confirm PO

Now user can Confirm the PO by visiting the Path

Path :- Account Payable > Purchase Orders> All Purchase Order

Path :- Procurement and Sourcing > Purchase Orders > All Purchaser Order

User need to select the PO and click on Confirm in the Purchase Tab

That's all for this article. Thankyou

Hope you like it. Please subscribe my blog series for such contents on various topics in D365.

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anbu thasan
anbu thasan
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