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Product Kit in D365

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Below written article provide you great insight on Product Kit in D365 and its process steps to create it.

Product kits help Retailer to package individual products into one sellable unit and make them available for sale across any retail channel. it helps to sell more quantity and increase bill value size.

Retailers combine few items together into the single package, that is having discounting pricing or better selling price where customer is ready to purchase in a single package. Retailers assemble the kits at the Head Office level and sell them a store using POS machine. But if there is a requirement at store to disassemble the kit and sell only individual product, that is also possible in D365.

A Product Kit can include multiple products, variants, and substitute also which allow customer to use substitute product to replace a standard kit product.

Now let’s understand the setup process of Product Kit in D365


Activate Product Dimension- Configuration in Product Information Management setup

Path: - Product Information Management > Dimension and Variant Group > Product Dimension group

A product kit uses the dimension “Configuration” to generate kits. The Configuration dimension help to sell different version of kit. On the Sales Line when the Kit will be selected, it will ask for variant as well.

Process Flow

Step 1 – Create Retail Product Hierarchy

A Retail or Commerce Product Hierarchy is used to define the overall product hierarchy for the organization. A Retail/Commerce Product hierarchy can be used for merchandising, pricing, and promotion, reporting and assortment planning. And only one Retail/Commerce product hierarchy can be assigned per organization

A Retail product kit uses the Retail/Commerce Product hierarchy to add product list in the Kit and it will only be allowed Product type “Item” and Product Subtype “Product master” only. It will not allow to add Product Type “Service” type item to a kit

Path: - Product Information Management > Setup > Categories and Attributes > Categories hierarchies

Click on Edit to view or create or modify the hierarchy

Step 2- Create Product Kit

Path :- Retail & Commerce>Product and Categories>Product Kits

User need to click on New button on to create new product kit which will open a menu page to user have to select product type “Item” and product subtype “Product Master” and select the product dimension group “configuration”. (Product Dimension Group- Configuration is Active)

Step 3- Configure the Product Kit

Once the kit is successfully created, user need to select the product kit and go to product tab and click on Configure button.

Click on Configure button will open a new window which will allow to add the components and substitute for the items

Once all the Components and Substitution items (include Variants also) are configured, user can move onto next steps

Step 4- Approve the Product

Once all components and its substitution items are configured, user need to approve the kit for finalization. Users need to Click on Approve Menu

Step 5- Release Kit

Once kit is approved successfully, user can close the page and again select the product kit and click on Release Product in the menu item.

It will provide option to choose legal entities and product kit variant options available to use in POS

Step 6- Setup Companies wise properties

Path: - Retail & Commerce > Product and Categories > Release Product kits

Users need to Select the Item in Release Product kit and setting up the release kit is exactly like setting up released product. For example, UOMs for Sell, Purchase, stock. Item group and item model group and other important information that have filled in. After completing all the information, user need to click on Validate button in the menu. Once all the mandatory fields are validated system will prompt with below messages

Step 7- Update a Kit Price

A Release kit must have an offer price which is less than sum of an individual item to convince the customer to buy the kit instead of individual item. It help retailer to sell more quantity and also help them to increase the bill value. User need to click on Configure Button on the Same Release Product Kit page by selecting the kit item

It will open below page which will show the base price of all the selected item in components and by clicking on Specify Kit Price, user can set the base price for the kit.

Now after pushing the mandatory jobs, Kits are ready for Sale in POS Machines.

That’s All for this Article. Thankyou for Reading. Please subscribe my blogs and keep spreading the knowledge.

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